New Mommy Must Haves

As a new, first time mom. It may be hard to understand what exactly is necessary to have in order to care for your new little baby bundle. I know that for me personally, when I was pregnant and going into the baby stores to register I nearly had a panic attack at the site of these gigantic stores stocked to the ceiling with all sorts of products that I was certain must be essential because they were clearly stocked at the store for a reason...right?
When my daughter was born, we had everything we could possibly need stocked up and for this I am grateful, however, I now realize with Lennon being 4 weeks old that really only a quarter of what we have is really useful.

Here is what is on my essentials list for the new mom:
1. Onesies. Lots and lots of onesies that snap at the bottom. Lennon goes through at least 3 in a day and although she has countless other adorable outfits, if they don't snap at the bottom, then its not going to happen. With how many diaper changes you will be doing in a day, you will realize the glory of the snaps.
2. Newborn sizes. Not 0-3 months; newborn size. You can't predict how big your baby will be. My doctor estimated my daughter at around 5 lbs based on an ultrasound the day before she was born and she came out a perfect 6 lbs 6 oz. None of the clothes sized 0-3 months fit, so we had to go out and buy clothes sized as "newborn." Who knew there was a difference?
3. Burp Clothes. I am pretty sure that my husband and I never even registered for burp clothes, but its a good thing my mother in law made us a whole bunch of them because we go through about 8 a day almost one for every feeding. Babies spit up a lot!
4. Pacifier Wipes. My baby loves her pacifier but she also doesn't understand how to keep it in her mouth and of course it falls out all of the time. I keep pacifier wipes in the diaper bag for when we are out and I can't just rinse them off in hot water. 
5. Sound Maker. Be it a sleep sheep, tranquil turtle, glow worm or some other lullaby singing sound making machine, my daughter loves these and I carry one in the diaper bag for when she starts to get fussy in public. This calms her right down. I recommend the traveling sleep sheep for the diaper bag, however, the glow worm is great for at home. I loved my glow worm as a child and was ecstatic when I saw that they brought this back. I knew that Lennon had to have one and luckily she loves hers as much as I did mine.
6. Keurig Coffee Machine. This is for the mommies out there, however, I recommended this for non-breastfeeding mommies. I broke down and purchased a Keurig after Lennon was born. I am able to get my much needed caffeine without the extra cleaning and work that is involved with a regular drip coffee maker. This saves me at least an extra precious 10 minutes of my day that I now use to clean bottles or do a load of laundry.
7. Clutch purse. This is essential. Since you have to carry the over-sized and over-stuffed diaper bag anytime you go out with the baby it is easy to keep your essentials (i.e. lip gloss, phone, wallet, keys, sunnies, etc.) in a separate clutch that you can easily switch from diaper bag to purse.

If you are a new mom, share your new mom must haves!


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