Glossier Product Review

You should consider this my love letter to Glossier.

I am an avid researcher. I leave no stone unturned when in comes to researching anything that I want to buy. I watch every YouTube tutorial, read every blog post, and consider every single word of website reviews before purchasing.
When it came to Glossier, this process was no different. And let me just tell you that my work was cut out for me because there is so much out there in terms of reviews, videos and just plain social chatter around this brand.

So I guess this is my contribution, one more voice to add to the already obtuse mountain of the Glossier fan base. With that, let's get down to it....

1. The Priming Moisturizer - This. Is. The. Bomb. I only received a sample of this but hell that's all it took to sell me on it. I typically only use CeraVe moisturizer (the AM version because, well, sunscreen), but this priming moisturizer from Glossier completely blew it out of the water. Not only did this product feel incredible to put on, it left my skin feeling youthful and dewy all day long.
*As a small side note for context, I have never used a primer before.

2. The Skin Tint - Now this product has some mixed reviews online. I think that with this, you need to know exactly what you are getting. If you purchase this thinking that you are going to get some great coverage, then put on your disappointment shoes. If you think that you are going to get a tinted moisturizer then, well, forget it. This literally is exactly what it says it is, it's a skin tint.
Now let me tell you why I love this so much. I am fair skinned (yes, I purchased the "light" version), but I have freckles scattered across my nose and the tops of my cheeks which are exacerbated in the summer when I am outside often. Because of my freckles, whenever I wear foundation I feel like it looks like I am wearing foundation, like I am trying to cover something up, just a layer of beige colored liquid sitting on top of my freckles. Not cute.
This product is basically just your skin but better. My freckles can live freely on my face without shame and the rest of my skin just looks natural and even, perfect for everyday and perfect for summer.

3. The Stretch Concealer - This concealer is dreamy. The consistency is so smooth and silky I feel like I just want to put it on my lips (I fully acknowledge that that seems like a strange thing to say).  I find that concealers can easily look pasty or cake, but this product blends easily and feels like it's moisturizing. The coverage of this again isn't massive but it is buildable to a certain degree. It also isn't super matte and it has a natural dewiness to it.

4. The Cloud Paint - This might be my favorite of all the products I purchased (I ordered the color "dusk"). It's creamy and it blends into your skin like nothing else I have ever used. The color is amazing and because of the consistency you can buff it out easily for a super natural but healthy look without it looking like you have blush on. Ah. Maz. Zing.

5.  The Boy Brow - This is a fantastic product if not simply for the ease of putting it on.
I find it hard to find a brow product that looks natural. When you are going for a natural and healthy no make-up make-up look, the last thing you want are drawn in brows. The Boy Brow enhances your brows and completes a natural look. I did see a lot of tutorials where people used a non-Glossier brow product (gasp - how could they) in addition to the brow boy for more perfected make-up look so this product is versatile. 

Overall, Glossier is the perfect no make-up make-up product that enhance what you've already got (and it you got it, flaunt it). I would say that all of the products have great blending consistency and everything gave a natural and subtle dewy look.

How does that tagline go?....Easy, breezy, beautiful......Glossier Girl? Yeah, I think that's it.

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