Love List: June Edition

1. Porter Magazine
This magazine is only bi-monthly. I say "only" because this magazine is incredible and I wish I could get more of it. The images and photography are amazing and the content is satiating. This is the only magazine I read cover to cover because it isn't packed full with 90% advertisements. I also keep each issue because I actually find that I can go back to them like a good book.
You can subscribe here for see for yourself.

2. "At Home With..."
Bloggers and influencers, Lilly Pebbles and Anna Newton recently launched a podcast called "At Home With..."
Because I commute to work, I tend to love listening to podcasts versus the same top 40 songs on repeat. It fills my mind and gets me thinking before I get into the office, like a pre-workout for my brain. In this podcast, Lilly and Anna visit the homes of influential people from the Founder of Cult Beauty to Bloggers like Kate La Vie. Lilly and Anna ask them questions and chat about topics ranging from experience and advise to a verbal tour of their wardrobes or kitchens.
Check it out here.

3. Vintage home accents
I have been loving mixing small vintage accents into my home. I love the opposition of old mixed with new. A great example of this, are these vintage containers. I use these for vases, to hold my makeup brushes or to put out on the dining room table with cute paper straws or utensils.
You can get these here.

4. Reusable Parisian Cotton Produce Bags
These bags are so chic and functional. I love using these bags for produce when I am grocery shopping or even for throwing a towel and swimsuit in to take to the pool.
You can buy these here.

5. Rings Rings Rings
I love accessories, but rings are my current favorite. I am loving decorating my fingers with statement signet rings and layering in delicate bands.

6. Rose All Day
It's summer time and in Arizona that means we are typically by the pool all weekend long. Sipping on a chilled glass of rose really, while floating in the water is my idea of perfection.
Image courtesy of @thefromagetable

7. Pink Sunnies
I love pink and the little girl in me will always love pink. I definitely think that pink can be overdone, so adding it into my wardrobe in small doses adds a fun feminine touch to my regularly neutral wardrobe palette.
These glasses are the Classic Fox frames by WildFox

8.Tea Lattes
I am typically a coffee girl, but lately, I'm all about the tea lattes. I want to like tea, I do, but I am just not into it. Tea Lattes, however, is a different story. I love the earthy notes of the tea balanced with the creamy almond milk. I enjoy drinking these with some added honey in the late afternoons and evenings.

What are some things you guys are loving right now?


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